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Evo Events

Over the last 20 years, through the efforts of our incredible team of personnel, Evo Events has evolved from an ingenious idea into a name synonymous with unmatched talent, professionalism and respect, ideals we can all be proud of. It was once said that “between the mind that plans and the hands that build, there must be a mediator, and this must be its heart. At the heart of our company is a culture of passion for what we do, blending our creative vision and extensive twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry with a commitment to autograph our work with excellence each and every time.

Evo Events is an insured entertainment provider who works hand to hand in every detail of your event to make sure you and your guests experience an event of a lifetime. We provide production, from not knowing exactly where to begin, throughout the entire process to create that unique event you have always envisioned.



Whether you know exactly what music services you want or you’re not sure where to begin, EVO Events works with you to make your event the experience of a lifetime. Once you get to know us you’ll see why our service, entertainment, and production exceed expectations.

We believe that a completely unique experience is necessary for your special day, and that is why it is our goal to be there for you every step of the way. We listen to what is most important to you, so we can help plan your event collaboratively. Getting to know our clients is essential to having a firm understanding of your entertainment goals. We are always following new music trends into our process and using unique ideas to provide the best party possible. Our experience has taught us to prioritize two things above all else: Event Talent + Customer Service. We pride ourselves on creating spectacular and immersive entertainment experiences.

You want talented performers, a packed dance floor, your favorite music, and an entertainment team that is going to be by your side throughout the entire process. With our dedicated performers and event production team, we help to create the energy and atmosphere that you’ve always envisioned.


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