LED Products


With the advent of LED technology, it has given us the opportunity to cultivate some amazing products for your event with billions of colors at our disposal the color palette possibilities are endless from light up dance floors that will make you feel like your in Saturday night fever to giant video walls that will display your content in ultra high definition to staging that can be configured in multiple different ways

Led Video Walls

Our video wall brings the added touch of custom visuals to any occasion. From corporate events to weddings and social events.
You need a large screen at your next event? we got you covered , with one of our ultra high resolution video walls it is sure to bring the WOW factor to your event , with the added touch of custom visuals, ambient videos, music videos and corporate meeting content you are guarenteed to make a huge impression.

Led Floors

The LED dance Floor is the new generation of the disco era lighted dance floor. As went disco, so did the old incandescent lighting technology for lighted floors . With the advent of LED technology, LED floors have become more popular than ever and are in great demand. LED floors can be found in cutting edge night clubs, dance clubs, corporate events, trade shows (for attracting attention), weddings, parties and residential settings. Looking for a nostalgic feel at your next event , want that wow factor for your first dance , or just looking to dance the night away on a interactive floor consider the LED floor for your next event .

Led Stages

LED lighted stages are the perfect centerpiece for your next event!
Our clients use our LED stages for a variety of applications. Corporate events that are looking for a modern design keep our lighted stages in high demand. In addition, fashion runways use our LED stages for high-end fashion events, and tradeshows and product placement companies use our LED stages for innovative product display