Take your event to the next level with any one of these amazing options.

6 foot Marquee Love

Your love will shine BRIGHT and tall at your wedding with our 6 foot marquee Love. This will become a photo backdrop for all of your guests to get captured with on your special day.

Fabric Backdrops

Fabric backdrops can be used to create an attractive focal point behind the head table. Evo Events offers backdrops with drapery tiebacks and swagging to provide added drama and look fancier than most backdrops. Backdrops can make substantial improvements in the appearance of a room by covering unsightly room features such as doors or air wall panels. Since you will spend many hours of your wedding reception at the head table, a large portion of your pictures will showcase what is directly behind you (think toasts and speeches), a fabric backdrop can make a world of difference!

Dancing on the clouds

An unique experience unlike anything you or your guests have seen before.  Have your first dance on a cloud of low lying dry ice fog covering the entire dance floor, giving the appearance that you are dancing on top of the clouds. Paired with a great photographer and videographer, the dancing on the clouds effect creates truly remarkable photos & video.

Co2 Cannons

Very popular in clubs, theaters and arenas, this effect uses CO2 to create large bursts of fog that disappear nearly immediately.
Great for any occasion, wowing guests.

Indoor Sparklers

The newest effect sweeping the wedding industry is the amazing cold fusion sparkler effect. Safe for indoor or outdoor use. Cold to the touch and talk about a WOW factor! This is another great effect for video and photography.
Indoor sparklers are an incredible feature for weddings, corporate events, mitzvahs or any other social event.

Display Monitors

With the TV enhancement add-on , you will be able to add visuals to your special day ,anything from a montage of your guest of honor growing up , to candid zap shot photos of your guest right there at your event , or the music videos that sync with the DJ.