DJ / MC / Sound


Our dynamic MCs, DJs, dancers, and other entertainers are available to enhance your party and bring high energy to the performance. We believe that music is always the foundation of a successful event;therefore, our goal is to play amazing music that matches your style and bring your guests to a higher level of excitement.


Evo Events provides a boutique-style DJ service to engage and excite your guests while creating unforgettable celebrations . Our love for music and helping our clients inspire us to tailor to your music preferences while assisting you with any questions about your playlist, with our elegant state- of -the art equipment and professional Djs and MCs.


Our MCs can create a party that your guests will remember for years to come and have entertained tens of thousands of individuals at parties and events of every kind. They have helped guide special functions, private parties and corporate events of all types, keeping them on track while also ensuring that every person attending is engaged.


With multiple sound systems ready to go at any time, no matter the size or purpose of your event, our team will make your event sound better than you would have ever thought possible. The secret to our success is our flexibility. By taking a modular approach to live sound .We can quickly put a system together that will match the needs of your venue and the purpose of your event. Our team is incredibly skilled and experienced with all of our gear, so you’ll never have to worry about a learning curve. Instead, you can focus on the other parts of your event that need your attention and rely on our years of technical experience to determine the perfect audio application for your unique event.